A Message from the President

Choosing a College of tertiary education is one of the most important decisions of your life.By choosing the Philips College, you stand to gain much from the rewarding academic and extra-curricular experience that the College provides.

The Philips programmes have proved over time to be well-balanced, meaningful and helpful to students. These are delivered by the College academics and by specialists from industry who serve as visiting lecturers. In addition, the College regularly invites professors, mostly from British universities, to spend short periods of time at the College.

The Philips College prides itself for the quality of the research and scholarship of its academics. Much research has been produced and published by the College in the recent past. In this regard the College collaborates closely with many international universities and research institutions.

Students also benefit from the College’s rich extra-curricular activities. The College offers a wide range of sporting, social and other activities which have proved popular with students.

As a truly European educational institution the Philips College operates out of modern, state-of-the-art custom-built premises which provide a warm and educationally stimulating environment.

We, at the Philips College, look forward to welcoming all new students and promise to provide them with all the support needed.

Professor Philippos Constantinou