Students’ Association
The Students’ Association to which all students automatically belong, is run by and for the students. It exists to promote the social, cultural, academic and athletic life of the student body. The Association aims to represent the views of the students both inside and outside the College. Its officers sit on the College Council, the Academic Committee, the College Disciplinary Committee and on most College Committees. The President of the Students’ Association has the right of access to the President at any convenient time for discussion of student affairs.

Student Activities
A variety of opportunities are provided for students in physical, social, cultural and other spare time interests. Clubs and Societies are formed according to the students’ interests and their functions are coordinated by the Student Activities Office.

The Association has four main objectives:

  • to promote the general interest of persons related to the College;
  • to secure financial support for specific College programmes;
  • to enhance the cultural life of the College;
  • to act as a link between the College and the environment.

The friends of the Philips College Association
The Friends of the Philips College Association has been established through the initiative of friends and former students of the College under a constitution which provides for annual election of officers.

The Association is represented on all major Committees of the College.